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Big, small homes, apartments, every home gets dirty. And while there isn’t just one specific way that you can clean your home, there are smart ways that you can get the cleanings done. Read this tour guide on how to clean your kitchen in a smart and easy way. House cleaning nashville has provided some basic tips and shortcuts that will help you clean efficiently and thoroughly.

How To Clean The Kitchen


Keep Your Dishes Clean

If you’re someone who tends to let your dishes pile up in your sink to try to avoid washing them, try this very simple trick to avoid that. For a few days, you’ll want to set a time before you start cleaning your dishes, and write down how long it took you to wash them. If it doesn’t take you more than a couple of minutes then it should be less difficult to convince yourself to wash your dishes next time.

Clean Your Sink

Your sink, especially the faucet carries more bacteria than a toilet seat. That bacteria can easily be wiped off with an all purpose cleaner. Your faucet should be clean every single day especially if we touch it with our hands that have been covered in raw chicken.

Clean Your Stove

The best and the easiest way to clean your stove is by using a Dobie Pad because it’s nonscratch and it won’t damage your stove.  Combine some Soft Scrub with the sponge and start scrubbing in circular motion gently to avoid any starching. The soft scrub will get all the grease and the food off the stove.

Clean All Small Appliances

The exteriors of the small appliances in your kitchen should be wiped every day with all purpose cleaner to prevent any build-up like grease from cooking. If you want to clean the appliances deeper, take off all the removable parts and wash them by hand in the sink. For hard-to-reach spots try using a cotton swab.

Clean The Inside Of Your Fridge

As you are throwing away your garbage, open up your fridge and look inside for any leftovers that have gone bad or any expired foods. Toss all of that away. If there are few eggs left in the carton take them out and throw the carton away then make a note to use those eggs in the morning to make breakfast. 

Clean The Spills In Your Fridge

When sticky spills happen in your fridge don’t avoid them and clean them up as soon as you can. To clean up a spill that’s already dried up you’ll want to take a sponge and soak it in very hot water and press it onto the sticky spill. The heat will help the spill to loosen up and after you can just wipe it off. 

Take The Trash Out Frequently

The trash in your home or apartment plays a big role in how it smells inside. Avoiding taking out your trash because you don’t want to walk far can make your home smell awful. House cleaning Nashville recommends that you take out your trash as soon as it’s full. Don’t keep pushing the trash down until it starts overflowing. 


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